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I am trying to get my search values from the android browser with following code:

public void getBrowserHist() {
        String[] mColumnStrings =
                       { Browser.SearchColumns._ID,

                 Cursor mCur = getContentResolver().query(Browser.SEARCHES_URI,
                        mColumnStrings, Browser.SearchColumns.SEARCH, null, null);
        int url = mCur.getColumnIndex(Browser.SearchColumns.SEARCH);
        Log.d(DEBUG_TAG, "Bookmarks count: " + mCur.getCount());

            while (!mCur.isAfterLast()) {
                Log.v("titleIdx", mCur.getString(url));



The problem is that search result is empty. the mcur.getCount() method returns 0, and I don´t now why. Does anyone have any suggestion?

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Cursor cursor = this.context.getContentResolver().query(Browser.SEARCHES_URI, null, null, null, null);
    if (cursor.moveToFirst()) {
        while (!cursor.isAfterLast()) {
            final int indexDate = cursor.getColumnIndex(Browser.SearchColumns.DATE);
            final int indexTerm = cursor.getColumnIndex(Browser.SearchColumns.SEARCH);
            String date = cursor.getString(indexDate);
            String term = cursor.getString(indexTerm);
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