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I am getting into java here. Fun and frustrating all at the same time :)

I have a simple method called showUsernames():

public String showUsernames(){
    TimesheetUserDAO su = new TimesheetUserDAO();
    Session session = su.getSession();
    return SUCCESS;

...however, I am having a time getting just the usernames out of the database. It is possible with the Hibernate DAO to get this correct? I am able to use su.findAll() and return everything.

Any thoughts? Need more code? Thanks :)

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The DAO probably executee a request like

select u from User u where ...

Change the query to

select u.name from User u where ...

Of course, instead of having a List<User> as a result, you'll have a List<String>.

This is basic stuff described in the Hibernate reference documentation. Have you read it?

Also, getting the session from the DAO and closing it manually like this shows a design problem. This should be encapsulated by the service layer or, even better, by the declarative transaction handling.

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Thanks for the note. I'll read over the documentation some more. –  jasonflaherty Oct 5 '11 at 18:01

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