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I have an UIImageView in my UITableViewCell which is not being displayed. I get the image from the addressbook and save it as NSData but it seems that's not working.

I have a method getting the image:

if (ABPersonHasImageData(contactrec)){
        CFDataRef imageData = ABPersonCopyImageData(contactrec);
        [person setPic:(NSData *)imageData];

My tableviewcell has the following method who's cellPic is linked to an UIImageView

-(void)setCellPic:(UIImage *) pic{
    cellPic.image = pic;

And finally, I have a contactsArray full of persons and for each row, I do:

Person *persona =[contactsArray objectAtIndex:indexPath.row];
UIImage *contactImage = [UIImage imageWithData:(NSData *)[persona pic]];
[cell setCellPic:contactImage];

When I debug the code, it seems like persona has for a contact whith pic 2000bytes but I think it's not doing well converting the NSData to UIImage. At least, when I debug the settle setCellPic, it says that cellPic.image is 0x0

Thanks for your help!

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Solved! The problem was with the method setCellPic in the tableviewcell. As the UIImageView had the same cellPic name, the compiler thought I was calling the setter of the cellPic but cellPic wasn't a UIImage, it's UIImageView. So I've changed the method's name and it works fine now! Thanks anyway!

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