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I used the code below to get produce a layout that formats an image, a title and a text region in a list item.
I would like to get it to look like the Twitter apps layout - in terms of how it gets the tweet to wrap, what am I missing?

Platform details: BB OS 5.0+


protected void sublayout(int width, int height) {
    try {
    } catch (Exception ex) {


    MyTitleField lblTitle = new MyTitleField(info.title);//extends LabelField
    LabelField lblDesc = new LabelField(info.description , LabelField.ELLIPSIS)
        protected void layout(int width, int height) {
            // TODO Auto-generated method stub
            super.layout(width, height);

    BitmapField bmfIcon = new BitmapField(info.icon);

    int iconHeight = bmfIcon.getBitmapHeight();
    int fontHeight = Font.getDefault().getHeight();
    int preferredWidth = width;//getPreferredWidth();

    int startY = (rowHeight - iconHeight)/2;
    layoutChild(bmfIcon, bmfIcon.getBitmapWidth(), bmfIcon.getBitmapHeight());
    setPositionChild(bmfIcon, 5, startY);

    int textWidth  = preferredWidth - (bmfIcon.getBitmapWidth() +10 );
    int textStartX = bmfIcon.getBitmapWidth() + 10;
    layoutChild(lblTitle, textWidth  ,
            fontHeight + 1);
    setPositionChild(lblTitle, textStartX, startY);

    int descHeight = rowHeight - (startY+fontHeight+2);
    layoutChild(lblDesc, textWidth  , descHeight);

    setPositionChild(lblDesc, textStartX, (startY+fontHeight+2));

    setExtent(preferredWidth, getPreferredHeight());

My code produces

The desired effect

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can't you get rid of the ELLIPSIS style here: LabelField lblDesc = new LabelField(info.description) – icchanobot Oct 4 '11 at 2:27
Yeah, I can, but it just runs all the way off and doesn't wrap. – Irwin Oct 4 '11 at 9:46
can you tell me which version of JDE i have to download for blakberry-os5 development?. i can't find it by googling – Viswa Dec 13 '13 at 5:27

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  1. First, you need to get rid of ELLIPSIS style as icchanobot suggested.
  2. Then you need to add your label field inside a VerticalFieldManager (HorizontalFieldManager will work too) as suggested in this answer.

The following code snippet

String longString = "This is a LabelField inside a VerticalFieldManager. Here is a link to your question";

VerticalFieldManager vfm = new VerticalFieldManager(Manager.USE_ALL_WIDTH | Manager.NO_HORIZONTAL_SCROLL);
vfm.add(new LabelField(longString));


enter image description here

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