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I am developing a Rails app and need to automatically increment a very simple line bar on a voting list based on a number.

My code - I don't actually want it to increment on click, but am just providing this as reference:

$j(".starStats div").click(function() {
     width: '+=100px'
        }, 500);
            $j(this).prev().html(parseInt($j(this).prev().html()) + 1);
                return false;


<% (1..5).to_a.reverse.each do |n| %>
<tr class="starStats">
    <td><strong><%= n %> star</strong><span><%= vote.rate_summary ? vote.rate_summary[n].to_i : 0 %></span> <div>&nbsp;</div></td>
<td>(<%= vote.rate_summary ? vote.rate_summary[n].to_i : 0 %>)</td>
<% end %>

CSS styling:

.starStats div {  background: #fbbf55; float: right; margin-right: 5px;width: 90px;  }
.starStats span { display: none; } 

enter image description hereExample of Needed Results:

5 star: xxxxxxxxxx (296)
4 star: xxx (28)
3 star: x (15)
2 star: x (16)
1 star: xxxxx (111)

I just need help with the jQuery to implement the correct bar length depending on the voting number.

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Maybe it would be better to have 5 different images as the bar lengths. PNG's support transparency and are cross browser compliant. It's the easier path. – Only Bolivian Here Oct 3 '11 at 23:44
ok, thanks. how would i load the correct bar length on every page load? – webbydevy Oct 3 '11 at 23:45
In your example, if you have 296 5 star votes, how wide do you want your div? – Evik James Oct 3 '11 at 23:49
that is a really good question. The width shouldn't be any more that 90px...not sure how to make this work. Unless the width is determined in increments? Like 1-50 can be 10px, 51-100 is 20px, etc? – webbydevy Oct 3 '11 at 23:52
You should be able to do this without images. I don't know Ruby on Rails, but I tried my hand at it with an answer this is pure HTML, then also tried to provide the Ruby equivalent. – b01 Oct 4 '11 at 2:49
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Would something like this work:

I took a stab at the ruby code, since I don't know Ruby.


$j( ".starStats" ).each(function()
    var totalVotes = parseInt( $j(".total-votes").text() ),
        votes = parseInt( $j(this).find(".votes .number").text() );
    $j( this ).find( ".percent" ).animate({
        width: '+=' + ( votes / totalVotes) * 100
    }, 500);


<% (1..5).to_a.reverse.each do |n| %>
    <tr class="starStats">
        <td><strong><%= n %> star</strong></td>
        <td class="bar"><div class="percent"></div></td>
        <td class="votes">(<span class="number"><%= vote.rate_summary ? vote.rate_summary[n].to_i : 0 %></span>)</td>
<% end %>
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Perfect. Thank you!! – webbydevy Oct 4 '11 at 4:33

Maybe it would be better to have 5 different images representing each different bar length.

PNG's support transparency and are cross browser compliant. It's the easier path compared to CSS.

If you're using jQuery you can modify the src attribute of an <img> tag using something like:

<!-- You're loading a brand new page. No Reviews as of yet. -->
<img class="fivestar" src="path/to/empty.jpg" alt="no reviews yet" />

<!-- Load the appropriate CSS class to whatever object has a Five Star review -->
$(".fivestar").attr("src", "path/to/fivestarbar.png");
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