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I have <Up> and <Down> nnoremapped to gk and gj but this won't let me use them while in edit mode. I tried using inoremap but that just types out gk or gj.

So I could certainly do something like inoremap <Up> <ESC>gki. Is this the best and only reasonable way to do it? I don't like this method because it isn't apparent to somebody reading the settings file what it does. Not that I could say that about any bit of vim setting file I have ever seen.

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"it isn't apparent to somebody reading the settings file what it does" Why not? You've surely written what it does in a comment above this line, right? –  hochl Jan 10 '12 at 16:13

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To execute a normal mode command in insert mode, use Control+o. Straight from the help:

CTRL-O      execute one command, return to Insert mode   *i_CTRL-O*

So something like this:

inoremap <Up>   <C-O>gk
inoremap <Down> <C-O>gj

Might be more readable.

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Sorry @Steven Lu, I didn't understand you question correctly at first glance but now I updated the wording. –  sidyll Oct 4 '11 at 0:52

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