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I have a project on Bitbucket. Only the sources are committed. To retrieve the project onto a new machine, I used Version Control > Checkout from Version Control from within IntelliJ.

It then asks whether I would like to create a new project from this source, to which I reply Yes. So far, so good. It creates a nice little Java project for me, consisting of a single module.

However, my goal in pulling this project into IntelliJ was to turn it into a Maven project. I cannot find any option anywhere that will let me do this!

Is there a way to have IntelliJ just generate a basic empty pom.xml for me, with a name and an artifactId and a repository? Or, is there a way to import the project as a Maven project in the first place? (Whenever I try to create a project from existing source, it only gives me the option of a Java project.)

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Right-click on the module, select "Add framework support...", and check the "Maven" technology.

(This also creates a pom.xml for you to modify.)

If you mean adding source repository elements, I think you need to do that manually–not sure.

Pre-IntelliJ 13 this will not convert the project to use the Maven Standard Directory Layout, it does in 13+.

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Exactly what I was looking for! And yeah, I meant adding the default maven2 "Central" repository element. But I can add that myself, no big deal. –  Neil Traft Oct 4 '11 at 3:08
Cool. But you shouldn't have to add that; it's already the default. –  Dave Newton Oct 4 '11 at 3:12
Ah, right again. –  Neil Traft Oct 4 '11 at 12:44
What happens if I don't have that option? –  LukeyBoyIsXen Aug 5 at 21:06
@LukeyBoylsXen Check your plugins. Should be there, though. –  Dave Newton Aug 5 at 23:05

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