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Using Rails3 and will_paginate 3.0.2 and seeing an unusual issue:

Rating.paginate(:page => 1).count

=> 3

BUT if I add the group clause:

Rating.paginate(:page => 1, :group => "drill_id").count

=> {3=>2, 4=>1}

The closest google result I found was this:

But this doesnt seem to be the exact same issue.Any ideas?

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That's bizarre, +1. – Adam Eberlin Oct 4 '11 at 19:11
Yes, this is killing me too! – jdkealy Nov 13 '12 at 23:01

You are getting a grouped result from #count. It's basically a count of Rating per drill_id. The keys of the result hash are drill_ids with their corresponding values being the count of Ratings for this drill_id. See AR::Calculations#count for details.

You want to know how many drill_ids there are between all your Ratings instead? Choose one:

  • Fix the query'DISTINCT drill_id').count

  • Count the keys

    Rating.paginate(page: 1, group: 'drill_id').keys.count

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