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I am trying to delete an <li> item using the this.remove() function but I can't find the function in the DOM using Firebug:


$( "#list_a, #list_b" ).sortable({
  connectWith: ".connected_sortable",
  receive: function(event, ui) {
    $("#list_b li").each(function() {
      if(ui.item.context.id == this.id)
        $(this).remove(); //<-----HOW DO I DELETE?  (also tried this.remove())


<ul id="list_a" class="connected_sortable">
  <li id="item_1">test text</li>
  <li id="item_3">test text</li>
  <li id="item_4">test text</li>

<ul id="list_b" class="connected_sortable">
  <li id="item_3">test text</li>

How would I go about deleting an <li> here? Please do not give me a direct reference solution - eg $("#item_3").remove() because I am trying to delete the other similiar id <li>.

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Are you sure this statement: ui.item.context.id == this.id evaluates to true? .remove(...) should work, unless its never actually getting called. –  Dan Herbert Oct 4 '11 at 3:36

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I think this should work.

$('#list_b li[id="'+ ui.item.context.id +'"]').remove();

this should replace the .each loop you have btw:

also, you should use $(this).attr("id") instead of this.id assuming you meant the jQuery element when y9ou said this, but try the above first me thinks.

also look at this question JQuery. Remove element by attribute name. How?

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