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I was looking for a place where I can find CSS toolkits and resources, ready to be used like the popular Twitter Bootstrap.

Any tips?

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I think CSS toolkits with styles for all key "web app" elements like alerts, forms etc is kind of a new thing - if more come out someone will likely create a central hub –  Plattsy Dec 12 '11 at 2:11

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html5boilerplate is my favoured toolkit

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Yahoo! have recently created Pure (source available on GitHub).

Pure provides:

  • A CSS Foundation built upon Normalize.css so that cross-browser issues are minimised.
  • Styling of common UI components such as lists, menus, buttons, forms and tables.
  • A comprehensive responsive grid system for building a site for all devices.

It is very lightweight with a total footprint of 4.4KB minified and gzipped compared to Bootstrap's 20KB. It is accessible from a CDN that Yahoo! provides.

It has been created with the viewpoint that creating new CSS rules is preferred to overwriting/altering existing ones. Therefore it is shipped with minimal styles out of the box (hence the size) - you have to create your own.

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indeed pretty neat and looks beautiful –  Saad Nov 10 '13 at 3:11

I think you will find Zurb Foundation to be very good as well

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Semantic UI is really great, if you liked bootstrap, you should like it even more!

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Blueprint is one of the popular CSS frameworks also.

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If a good CSS framework is all you need, YAML is a great alternative too.

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Try skeleton as another alternative.

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there is another one similar to bootstrap twitter , try HTMLKickStart

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