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I have created build files of c# solution(.sln) files as well as the .cs file, but if i want to create a build file of only one project out of more than one project in a solution, i gets error some of those are like escape sequence character "\" etc.

I am including the project file as <include name="projectname.csproj" />

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I have a solution file and it has 4 project, now i have to automate the build process with NAnt please give some example. –  Sajjan Oct 4 '11 at 11:33
Updated my answer with a link to another answer that contains a sample. –  Sascha Oct 4 '11 at 20:31
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NAnt does not use the project files directly. Either use the csc task or the msbuild to build a solution. You can read more in the documentation abou these tasks.

UPDATE: You can read the latest documentation at http://nant.sourceforge.net/release/latest/help/

UPDATE 2: Here's a link to an answer ashowing how you can achieve this by calling msbuild: <msbuild> task or msbuild.exe with NAnt?

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