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I have a site that has 3 panels it slides through. I want to set the background of each panel to be the window size so I am using:

var width1 = $(document).width(); 

var width2 = $(".nav").width(); 

var width_diff = width1 - width2 + "px";

document.getElementById('test').style.width = width_diff; 

However I want to divide the width by the number of panels as the window size equals the total of them.

Many thanks.

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I didn't fully understand your question. Could you please describe your situation and your goal more in details ? (Will your 3 panels fit all the page's width, and what does the "test" stand for ?) –  vantrung -cuncon Oct 4 '11 at 9:24

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just change your current line to this:

var width_diff = (width1 - width2) / 3 + "px"
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