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Notified today that vimeo on chrome push the F11 button for you ! I haven't found any info on how it work but it's very cool. I'm using mediaelement.js for now, is they planning to implement this ?

To try it open a video on vimeo, make sure you are in HTML5 (bottom right of post, on top right of the comments) and click "Switch to HTML5 player" Play a video in a real fullscreen !

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Chrome dev channel now comes with the fullscreen API

Sample usage:

<video width="300" src="movie.webm" controls></video>
<button onclick="enterFullscreen()">Get Huge!</button>

function enterFullscreen() {
  var elem = document.querySelector('body');
  elem.onwebkitfullscreenchange = function(e) {
    console.log("Entered fullscreen!");
    elem.onwebkitfullscreenchange = onFullscreenExit;

See this slide deck for usage, and here's a demo of the API in action.

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