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I have an app with a WebView. When the Activity pauses (onPause) i call the appropiate webview.onPause and webview.stopTimers, these are balanced with the webview.onResume and webview.resumeTimers in the Activity.onResume method.

Now when i load www.google.com in the webview, and then put the app in the background, it will still use up to 30% CPU! This is much too much.

I performed method profiling and saw that the WebViewCoreThread was doing every 100ms something with MessageQueue.nativePollOnce -> WebViewCore.nativeSetScrollOffset, this caused a repaint of the webview (while in the bakground) (WebViewCore.nativeDrawContent).

Is this a problem with WebView in general or a problem in my app?

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Probably the JavaScript is running in the background. Example : jquery with canvas ... you try load the webview with a empty HTML or without JavaScript and see it still using high CPU or not –  xDragonZ Oct 4 '11 at 10:22
Did you solved? plz let me know. thx. –  thecr0w Dec 11 '14 at 2:19

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