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In C#.NET I am trying to programmatically change the color of the border in a group box.

Update: This question was asked when I was working on a winforms system before we switched to .NET.

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wpf or windows forms? –  Will Sep 16 '08 at 20:18
@Amy Check user1944617 answer, it is really nice and superior imho to accepted one. just tried and fit perfectly with default group box design. –  Drake Mar 5 '14 at 11:17

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Building on the previous answer, a better solution that includes the label for the group box:

groupBox1.Paint += PaintBorderlessGroupBox;

private void PaintBorderlessGroupBox(object sender, PaintEventArgs p)
  GroupBox box = (GroupBox)sender;
  p.Graphics.DrawString(box.Text, box.Font, Brushes.Black, 0, 0);

You might want to adjust the x/y for the text, but for my use this is just right.

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Thanks @Mick Bruno, you saved me some serious time :) –  Michael La Voie Jan 11 '12 at 2:23
Thx! To remove the border, use box.Parent.BackColor, as I did. –  dwo Oct 11 '13 at 11:12

Just set the paint action on any object (not just buttons) to this method to draw a border.

    private void UserControl1_Paint(object sender, PaintEventArgs e)
        ControlPaint.DrawBorder(e.Graphics, this.ClientRectangle, Color.Red, ButtonBorderStyle.Solid);


It still wont be pretty and rounded like the original, but it is much simpler.

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Just add paint event.

    private void groupBox1_Paint(object sender, PaintEventArgs e)
        GroupBox box = sender as GroupBox;
        DrawGroupBox(box, e.Graphics, Color.Red, Color.Blue);

    private void DrawGroupBox(GroupBox box, Graphics g, Color textColor, Color borderColor)
        if (box != null)
            Brush textBrush = new SolidBrush(textColor);
            Brush borderBrush = new SolidBrush(borderColor);
            Pen borderPen = new Pen(borderBrush);
            SizeF strSize = g.MeasureString(box.Text, box.Font);
            Rectangle rect = new Rectangle(box.ClientRectangle.X,
                                           box.ClientRectangle.Y + (int)(strSize.Height / 2),
                                           box.ClientRectangle.Width - 1,
                                           box.ClientRectangle.Height - (int)(strSize.Height / 2) - 1);

            // Clear text and border

            // Draw text
            g.DrawString(box.Text, box.Font, textBrush, box.Padding.Left, 0);

            // Drawing Border
            g.DrawLine(borderPen, rect.Location, new Point(rect.X, rect.Y + rect.Height));
            g.DrawLine(borderPen, new Point(rect.X + rect.Width, rect.Y), new Point(rect.X + rect.Width, rect.Y + rect.Height));
            g.DrawLine(borderPen, new Point(rect.X, rect.Y + rect.Height), new Point(rect.X + rect.Width, rect.Y + rect.Height));
            g.DrawLine(borderPen, new Point(rect.X, rect.Y), new Point(rect.X + box.Padding.Left, rect.Y));
            g.DrawLine(borderPen, new Point(rect.X + box.Padding.Left + (int)(strSize.Width), rect.Y), new Point(rect.X + rect.Width, rect.Y));
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Very good answer, it fits perfectly with default groupbox design. –  Drake Mar 5 '14 at 11:18

I'm not sure this applies to every case, but thanks to this thread, we quickly hooked into the Paint event programmatically using:

GroupBox box = new GroupBox();
box.Paint += delegate(object o, PaintEventArgs p)


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