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Has anyone ran across any good Powerpoint presentations on how to securely develop a web application in Ruby?

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Rory McCune is a security consultant and Rails developer who gave a presentation on this topic at Scotland on Rails. You can view the slides online. Rory blogs about the topic too.

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Peepcode has a PDF book on Rails security - it's $9 but they have a free preview. I've bought a bunch of screencasts from these folks, and they have been great.

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Check out the Ruby on Rails Security Project. The offer a free book about this topic.

And of course you should read the Ruby On Rails Security Guide.

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The Ruby Security book was joint developed as an OWASP project http://www.owasp.org/index.php/Category:OWASP_Ruby_on_Rails_Security_Guide_V2

It would be good to have more security related materials at OWASP

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The video for Rory's Scotland on Rails presentation is also online here

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