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I have Cruise Control configured with a task to run a NAnt script, which runs an MSTest suite. MSTest allows me to specify test categories so I want to specify "!Integration" (which means "don't run Integration tests"). My Nant script successfully runs when I run it from the command line, but when Cruise runs it, the "!Integration" directive is being garbled -- the Cruise output suggests its inserting a line break after the '!' character. The result is that all my tests run, including integration tests.

Extract from ccnet.config:


Extract from MyProject.build:

<target name="CIServerBuild">
    <call target="RunUnitTests" />

<target name="RunUnitTests">
    <property name="TestCategories" value="!Integration" />
    <call target="RunMSTest"  failonerror="true"/>

<target name="RunMSTest">
    <call target="BuildListOfTestContainers"  failonerror="true"/>
    <exec program="${MSTest.exe}"
        commandline=" /category:&quot;${TestCategories}&quot; ${TestContainers} /resultsfile:${MSTest.ResultsFile} /nologo "

Extract from Cruise output:

[exec] Starting 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\Common7\IDE\MSTest.exe ( /category:"!
Integration" /testcontainer:C:\TaxWise\BuildDirectory\TaxWise\TaxWise.Data.Tests\bin\Debug\TaxWise.Data.Tests.dll /testcontainer:C:\TaxWise\BuildDirectory\TaxWise\TaxWise.Domain.Tests\bin\Debug\TaxWise.Domain.Tests.dll /testcontainer:C:\TaxWise\BuildDirectory\TaxWise\TaxWise.Infrastructure.Tests\bin\Debug\TaxWise.Infrastructure.Tests.dll /resultsfile:.\TestResults\UnitTests.trx /nologo )' 
in 'C:\TaxWise\BuildDirectory'

I have tried replacing the '!' character with


but that made no difference.

Any ideas, anyone?

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I suggest splitting the commandline attribute in the exec task into Nant arg elements.


You'll have more flexibility and the readability will increase.

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Yes, perhaps it is not caused by CC. Try setting verbose="True" on the <exec> task and check the raw build protocol. Remember what you see on the report page is not the exact output (typically subject to line-wrap and coalescing whitespaces).

Maybe it depends on from where you run the script, a hidden dependency on a build property or different environment variables. You can check the latter using <exec program="cmd.exe" commandline="/c set" />. For the properties you can use the following script:

 <script language="C#" prefix="util" verbose="true">
        public static void ScriptMain(Project project) 
            foreach (DictionaryEntry entry in new System.Collections.SortedList(project.Properties) ) 
                Console.WriteLine("{0}={1}", entry.Key, entry.Value); 
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