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Currently I'm trying to integrate factory girl for my testing framework. I was successfully able to integrate factory girl with my rails 3.1.0 app and its working fine.

I'm using

  • rspec2
  • factory girl
  • rails 3.1.0

Following are the references I had






And i could write some test cases like

it "user should valid with name" do
    user = Factory.build(:with_name)
    user.should be_valid

So as i can see there are commands like 'should be_valid', My question is , is there any place i can get all the commands in one place, so that I can see what are the commands i can use. like should be_valid

I have gone through the factorygirl documentation, but couldn't find any place like that

can someone help me out

thanks in advance



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That .should-style comparison sugar is part of the rspec-expectations gem. Notice you can write custom expectation matchers as well. =)

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Hi @winfred, this is what i wanted thanks a lot –  sameera207 Oct 11 '11 at 5:05
You bet! Diving into TDD with rails is quite a rewarding process. Have fun. =) –  winfred Oct 11 '11 at 22:44

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