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I found the text browser w3m which is the best so far in my opinion. However, it is main problem is Javascript.

I cannot see comments at all in Stackoverflow when I use it.

I am not sure what is the restriction in letting Javascript to be in terminal.

How can you enable at least some of JavaScript for Terminal such that comments are visible?

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Javascript requires a Javascript interpreter. If your user-agent doesn't understand a particular kind of scripting, it simply ignores it. To get a minimal level of support, try the w3m-js extension.

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How can you use that code in terminal? Where do I need to put it to run w3m nicely? – Masi Apr 19 '09 at 1:44
You'll have to download, compile and install the program w3m-js and all the libraries it requires. – scraimer Apr 19 '09 at 8:57

Unfortunately w3m doesn't support JavaScript at all.

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Try Conkeror

Masi -- I'd recommend taking a look at Conkeror, which is basically Firefox with Emacs keybindings. If you want a keyboard driven UI with Javascript, it's your best bet:

The frontpage could use a makeover, but once you download and install it you'll wonder why you never tried it before...

(and if you're a vim user, you could try vimperator).

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