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Am trying to import a number of metric values from an Excel file into SSIS. I have named each of the cells with data and was hoping to be able to configure a Connection, that would be updated in a ForEach container, to point to each Named Range in turn, in order to bring over the data one value at a time.
I see many articles on how to connect to a Sheet or Table in Excel, but none to a Named Range? I saw one article on how to bring over one single cell, but that cell was a part of a table. Can I setup a Connection in SSIS to a single cell, Named or otherwise, and bring back that value? JK

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I can see you implementing this in one of two ways. The first is just a straight Execute SQL Task that returns a single row. The other being a data flow with, probably a script task as your source.

With each pass through your loop, you'd probably need to modify the Excel connection manager and/or your query string to point to the correct named range

In the section To create a linked server against an Excel spreadsheet

To access data from an Excel spreadsheet, associate a range of cells with a name. A named range can be accessed by using the name of the range as the table name. The following query can be used to access a named range called SalesData using the linked server set up in the previous example.

This article also describes programmatically access Excel via C#, albeit from ASP.NET but the principal should be the same. My hazy recollection is that the worksheet name would have a $ appended to it, thus sheet1$ while accessing the named range would be without the $.

One thing we ran into with our implementation was our servers did not have the appropriate drivers on them and it required us to install the Access engine

Lots of generalities in this answer so if you run into specifics, feel free to ping me.

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Take a look at the top two answers from this question: Want to insert excel file data into table using ssis - format problem which explains 2 different approaches to doing what you ask.

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We can connect to a single cell in Excel, if that cell is a named range. As mentioned in one of the articles, it needs the right version of MDAC installed and Must be in 32-bit mode. JK –  JoeK Feb 20 '13 at 23:09

Here is how to do it http://www.mssqltips.com/sqlservertip/1930/use-ssis-to-import-one-cell-of-an-excel-file-into-sql-server/#comments.

Unfortunately it didn't help me because i want to set a single variable with the values and use it later on.

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