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I want to parse like this xml file in java. I know using SAX or DOM, we can parse XML file. But as per my knowledge if xml is like this


we can parse it.

How can i get other properties like label, title,type. as in this XML file. How to do that? Please help me!!!

<XML><FORM TITLE="Search" View="1"><ITEM Label="Name" Type="Alpha" maxWidth="25"ID="name" Align="LEFT"></ITEM> <ITEM Label="Area " Type="AlphaNumeric" maxWidth="20" ID="area" Align="LEFT"></ITEM> <ITEM Label="Zip Code" Type="Numeric" maxWidth="10" ID="zip" Align="LEFT"></ITEM><ITEM Label="Search within radius of" Type="Radio" maxWidth="20" ID="ID" Align=" CENTER"><LIST_VALUES><ID="20" VALUE="20 kms"<ID="50" VALUE="50 kms"> <ID="100" VALUE="20 kms"></LIST_VALUES></ITEM></FORM><XML>
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What is the question exactly? Any civilized XML parser (whether based on SAX, DOM, or whatever) will allow you to access attributes (what you call "other properties") - Anyway I put an exemple using DOM in my answer below –  Guillaume Oct 4 '11 at 10:29
you can go here and start reading a bit.. –  Francesco Savoia Oct 4 '11 at 10:29

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TITLE, Label, etc are ATTRIBUTES of the various XML Nodes. Depending on the exact api you're using you'd generally find a method named something like getAttribute(String name) which would allow you to retrieve the content of the particular attribute.

I remember JDOM allowing you to call getAttribute(..) on an instance of an Element, which mapped to an XML node

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Here is an exemple using DOM, once you have your ITEM element (for instance):

String labelValue= itemElement.getAttribute("Label");
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