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How do i get Json string back from json object? My requirement is such, i parse my string to json object and do some changes to json object and i want that changes back in to the string

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please download JSON2.js from below link and follow the sample code I have written. or

Add reference to that js file in your project.

Sample Code:

  var address = "India";
  var company = "mindfire";

  //JSON string
  var jsonStr = '{ '
              + '"Address" : '
              + '"' + address + '"'
              + ", "
              + '"Company" : '
              + '"' + company + '"'
              + ' }';

  var addressJson = JSON.parse(jsonStr); //Parse from json string to JSON object

  addressJson.Address = "Bhubaneswar Orissa"; //Change Data in JSON object
  addressJson.Company = "Mindfire Solutions";

  var updatedAddress = JSON.stringify(addressJson); //changes back in to the string from json object

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Thanx himanshu, It worked :) – Riz Oct 4 '11 at 13:49

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