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Here i m getting width and height as 0 , how to find exact width and height of the row in the tableLayout

    tr.addView(txt, params);
    tr.addView(l, lay);

    tr1.addView(txt1, params);
    tr1.addView(l1, lay);

    tr2.addView(btn, params);
    tr2.addView(l2, lay);

    tr3.addView(txt2, params);
    tr3.addView(iV22, lay);



          int height = tr.getHeight();
          Log.d("Height", String.valueOf(height));
          int Width = tr.getWidth();
          Log.d("Width", String.valueOf(Width));
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You can get layout sizes only then activity is shown. Try to get button ib your activity and get sizes by button click.

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try this

table.getViewTreeObserver().addOnGlobalLayoutListener(new OnGlobalLayoutListener() {

            public void onGlobalLayout()
                Log.d("", row.getWidth();

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This works to get the Screen size / Global Layout , I need to get the row width and height. Thank you – Ashraf Oct 10 '11 at 7:30

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