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im following the article above and i am getting error at the first quoted code

#1049 - Unknown database 'library'
CREATE TABLE  `library`.`books` (
 `name` VARCHAR( 150 ) NOT NULL ,
 `author_id` INT UNSIGNED NOT NULL ,
PRIMARY KEY (  `id` ) ,
INDEX (  `author_id` )

the other one generates with no problem but this one, why?

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You don't expect us to read the full article do you? Please state the actual problem in short in the question. – Johan Oct 4 '11 at 11:09
@Johan I've answered without reading the article, because the query and the error messages shown here is enough. – stivlo Oct 4 '11 at 11:18
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Your table name is prepended with the database name "library". Probably your DB is named differently. If you're executing within the DB that you're using just remove the "library." prefix.

 CREATE TABLE `books` (
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Remove the "library" part from the CREATE TABLE statement. The other block in that article works because it doesn't reference "library".

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Remove the library. - just use what ever database you're using, ie

CREATE TABLE books (...

And while you're at it, remove all those unnecessary backticks - they are only required when using reserved words (which you should avoid like the plague anyway)

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The table authors will be created in your default/current database, here the database library is to be used, but it hasn't been created. You should make a library database.


Using a differently named database, or removing library from the create table statement may cause problems further down the tutorial.

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