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Suppose i have a sphinx index named "worldcities" with the with the following fields / attributes:

country_id # int attribute

city # text field

accent_city # text field

and i run the following sphinxql query:

SELECT * FROM worldcities WHERE country_id = 16 AND MATCH((@(city,accent_city) "New Yor*"))

How does sphinx evaluates the query?: Is it first searching through all the records and then filters the results by countr_id: "give me all the results that start with 'New Yor' and the filter them by country_id"?

Or does it filter first by country id and the searches through the results: "give me all the results that have countr_id = 16 then search in those"?

Hope i made myself clear

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"give me all the results that start with 'New Yor' and the filter them by country_id"

this one.

The full-text queries runs first. Then the filters 'exclude' non required matches.

btw, your query is missing some quotes, should be

MATCH('@(city,accent_city) "New Yor*"')

Match function takes a string.

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yes, i figured that out eventually. It isn't a production query, just an example. Thanks for the answer. –  Vlad Balmos Oct 4 '11 at 13:37

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