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I have a Wix 3.6 managed bootstrapper in which the user can select individual packages to download and install. I want to show the download size of each package. How can I access the file size of each packages in the Bundle?

I guess this information is available somewhere in the Wix framework (because the file hashes are used to validate the downloaded files), but I did not find it.

I have an idea for a workaround, but it would be more implementation for me:

  • Have a wxs file generated programmatically that contains Variable elements containing the file size of the packages. Those variables would be read by the bootstrapper.
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When your bundle is created, a BundleApplicationData.xml is added to the bundle. That XML file contains a lot of metadata about the bundle and contained packages. Your bootstrapper application code can load this file by looking in the same direcotry as your bootstrapper application dll lives.

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I did not found how by using the burn API, but I implemented my own workaround:

If the local file is present
   query the file system
   query the web server
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