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I would like to put PostSharp aspect attribute on one Property and know from which method property was accessed and what value it had at that time. Is that possible with PostSharp?


static MyClass
public string OutputFormat { get; set; }

public void Method1
MyClass.Instance.OutputFormat = "1";

public void Method2
MyClass.Instance.OutputFormat = "2";

public void Method3
MyClass.Instance.OutputFormat = "3";

PostSharp Aspect should read

Method "Method1" executed, property has value OutputFormat = 1
Method "Method2" executed, property has value OutputFormat = 2
Method "Method3" executed, property has value OutputFormat = 3
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To get the current value (before the change, you just use the Args.Value because the Set has not yet happened.

public class MyPropertyAspect: LocationInterceptionAspect 
    public override void OnSetValue(LocationInterceptionArgs args) 
            object current = args.Value; //Set has not happened, remember this is an interception


see and

To determine the caller you will need to traverse the callstack using StackTrace

var st = new StackTrace();
st.GetFrame(1).GetMethod().Name; //Might also be frame 2

or just put a trace aspect on your methods (which IMO would be better than reflecting the call stack)

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"Trace aspect on method" is what I need but how to share a data between aspects? To get method entries OnMethodBoundaryAspect will be used and to read property values the LocationInterceptionAspect aspect. So I will need to find out in LocationInterceptionAspect aspect what is the last entry was in OnMethodBoundaryAspect aspect. – Tomas Oct 5 '11 at 7:39
For sharing data between aspects you need to build a complex aspect. See… for details on doing exactly what you want. – DustinDavis Oct 5 '11 at 14:43

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