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I have to migrate an old plone 2.1.4 site to 4.1. I wanted to export workflows, portal_languages, etc trough portal_setup and then adjust them by hand in order to create proper packages, but it seems plone 2.1.4 doesn't have one.

Is there any known-good-way to get this?


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there's a product that can dump the workflow and rebuild it, works for 2.1:


Project Description

Dumps DCWorkflow specifications into a python script.

Then, you can import in a plone3 site and export it or use it in some migration step. Should work.

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Back on the project :)It requires too much work for my use case but thanks a lot for the hint. – simahawk Oct 7 '11 at 11:32

Try this:

  1. uninstall all third party add-ons
  2. copy the data.fs to a plone3 environment
  3. use upgrade step plone2.1->plone3
  4. export everything you need
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unfortunately there's too many crap into my data.fs. it does not work on plone 3.1.7 neither on 2.5. I think the fastest solution is copy workflow & co by hand :( – simahawk Oct 4 '11 at 14:49

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