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I'm trying to install Oracle database 10g on an Ubuntu Server 11.04 VM. I am using Vagrant to run it and access it. I downloaded the install package which has a .cpio.gz file extension. Oracle specifies these commands to unpack it:

gunzip filename
cpio -idmv filename 

The gunzip operation worked just fine, but when I run the cpio command it seems to be taking too long. I left it running for over 3 hours and it had not completed. Now, the .cpio file is 764MB. Should it be running this long?

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Use one of the following

 cpio -idmvI filename      # note the capital I


 cpio -idmv < filename     # note the 'lower than'

otherwise cpio tries to read from stdin

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Thanks! The first command worked like a charm. –  Saliceran Oct 4 '11 at 13:14
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