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With my fieldset, I have a column layout containing different components.

Based on the value of the combo, I want to remove the textField from one column & replace it with a new combo.

I have the logic to get the value of the combo but I can't seem to remove any items from the column.

I have given it an id, which gets returned back and attempted the following:

                                        var col = Ext.getCmp("col"+rowNo);
                                        var field = Ext.getCmp("textfield"+rowNo);
                                        col.remove(field, true);

Column Code

                            xtype: 'textfield',
                            id: 'textField1',
                            hideLabel: true,
                            width: 100

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Why do you need to physically remove it? You could just set the hidden property to true/false, depending on which fields you want to show. If you have the 2 fields that you want to "toggle", setting their hidden property will also adjust the layout to fit them appropriately.

Something like:

if (combo.getValue() == "r") {
} else {
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I'd forgotten about hide/show - that's worked perfectly! –  pm13 Oct 4 '11 at 14:37
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