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I have two lists. On start only one has elements, second list has got only one hidden element. When I drag, I search empty list to find is there only one element and does it css property say, that it is hidden. If so, then I remove and add dragged element to second list. Also I need second list to be sortable, but at the moment with such code it doesn't work.

    $( '.draggable_base_menu_item' ).draggable( {
        containment: '#submenu',
        stack: '#submenu ul li',
        cursor: 'move',
        revert: false,
        connectToSortable: '.droppable_menu_item_area'
    } );

    $( '.droppable_menu_item_area' ).sortable( {
        tolerance: 'pointer',
        items: 'li',
        receive: function( event, ui )
            $(ui.draggable).appendTo( this );
    } ).disableSelection();

Can anyone suggest anything?

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Sortables are already draggables. Use sortables with connected lists:


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For the new Jquery UI the URL is : jqueryui.com/sortable/#connect-lists –  Liv Jan 25 '13 at 0:50

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