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I have derived a CalibrationWindow from QWidget, and I have a vector of CalibrationWindow*. Now, I'm trying to change the background color in the Designer with the following stylesheet:

    background : rgb(220, 220, 220);

(The Qt object name is calibrationWindow). In the Designer, it looks as intended, but when I run the program, zilch. No effect whatsoever. I also tried using CalibrationWindow instead of #calibrationWindow, to no avail. I even put QWidget, but it affects the child widgets and not the parent, as I want.

Could anyone help? Thanks.

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Certain properties need to be set in QMainWindow or QApplication prior to creating QMainWindow to work. Doesn't appear to be your specific problem, but here for posterity. –  Tom Kerr Oct 4 '11 at 15:02
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Sorry, I was not overriding the paintEvent() function... It's compulsory when subclassing from QWidget.

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