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I have a List , and in its ListCellRenderer class I put Labels to display "Labels" and data values.

The problem is that when there are more than one elements in the List then the Labels are not aligned , they do not have the same width. Although I used the following code but it does not do anything :

public CListCell(boolean displayPhoto, String[] libelles)
        showPhoto = displayPhoto;
        if (displayPhoto)
            setLayout(new BorderLayout());
            addComponent(BorderLayout.WEST, pic);
            setLayout(new GridLayout(1,1));

        labels = new Label[libelles.length];
        lData = new Label[libelles.length+1];

        for (int i=0;i<libelles.length+1;i++)
            lData[i] = new Label("");
            lData[i].getStyle().setMargin(Component.TOP, 1);
            lData[i].getStyle().setMargin(Component.BOTTOM, 1);
            lData[i].getStyle().setPadding(0, 0, 0, 0);
            if (i == libelles.length)
            labels[i] = new Label(libelles[i]);
            labels[i].getStyle().setMargin(Component.TOP, 1);
            labels[i].getStyle().setMargin(Component.BOTTOM, 1);
            labels[i].getStyle().setPadding(0, 0, 0, 0);

        cRow2.addComponent(BorderLayout.WEST, cRow21);
        cRow2.addComponent(BorderLayout.EAST, cRow22);

        if (displayPhoto)
            addComponent(BorderLayout.CENTER, cRow1AndRow2);


        this.getStyle().setBgPainter(new LigneHorizontalPainter(this, 0));

public Component getListCellRendererComponent(List list, Object value, int index, boolean isSelected)
        Content entry = null;
        Image thumb;
        int[] tLibImpayesLength = new int[list.size()];
        int maxDataLength;
        if (value instanceof Content)
            entry = (Content)value;
        if (entry != null)
            if (showPhoto)
                thumb = createThumbnail(entry.getPhoto(), entry.getColumn(4));
            lData[2].setText(Formatage.nvl(entry.getColumn(3),"-")); // lData[2] is the Label which displays value at the right side of the Container , the others are at the above,left and do not cause any problem

            tLibImpayesLength[index] = lData[2].getText().length();
        maxDataLength = Formatage.max(tLibImpayesLength);
        if (lData[2].getText().length() < maxDataLength)
        return this;

Here is the captured image in runtime :

enter image description here

When we look at the image then we see that the Impayé (Ar) Labels and the remaining value at their right are not aligned. So how to make them vertically aligned , or have the same width ?

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You didn't include the way you laid out the components in the code you posted, you also invoked setPreferredW() which effectively sabotages layout so that's obviously a mistake.

Generally to implement something like that place both of the left labels in a box layout Y and place it within the CENTER of a border layout. Place the right hand label in the EAST side of that border layout.

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I have inserted the code of the layout. – user833129 Oct 5 '11 at 6:21
Are you using the Grid layout or the border layout here, the relation between your code and the image bellow is very unclear. I suggest you set a line border to the components within and see where they truly end. The spacing you see might be related to a space within the text, padding or margin of a component/parent. – Shai Almog Oct 9 '11 at 8:13

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