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I created a new web project,and deployed it in the tomcat 6.0 in Myeclipse,but it showed"An existing resource has been found at location D:\Tomcat\webapps\my_project",what's the problem?Thanks a lot!

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MyEclipse is trying to deploy your project to a location which already contains a deployment, one which has not been created with MyEclipse which is why you are being warned. Typically you should also get a few options on how MyEclipse should handle this (delete or create a backup, for instance) - do you not see these options?

If you need further assistance, can you please create a post on the MyEclipse forums here? http://myeclipseide.com/index.php?module=PNphpBB2

Please mention the version of MyEclipse you are using.

Thanks, Brian.

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I set the location D:\Tomcat\webapps as the myeclipse workspace,so it will always warn that an existing resource has been found.Thanks for your help! –  Xiaodan Mao Nov 9 '11 at 2:47
@XiaodanMao I just deleted ALL my files under /home/hguilarte at work thanks to this few options on how MyEclipse should handle this (delete or create a backup, for instance)... Well, I made a mistake and didn't choose MyEclipse proper option, however I feel that MyEclipse has a bit of responsibility here too. I was deploying a production packaged WAR, so there was no reason for it to delete EVERYTHING on the destination directory. I'm really screwed at work right now. –  hectorg87 Jul 24 '12 at 13:49

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