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Hoping someone can assist but I need to perform a math calculation in javascript that I am unsure how to do.

The formula is as follows:

result = (scale * weighting) / 2

where the result I will need to two decimal places.

Example formula that I need to do in javascript might be:

result = ((3 * 2) + (2 * 1.5)) / 2

I am also unsure if I have to also convert this to int

Would really appreciate some guidance on this.


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<strike>Why not result = (scale * weighting) / 2.0?</strike> – vietean Oct 4 '11 at 14:20
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function algorithm(scale, weighting) {
   var result = (scale * weighting) / 2;
   return result.toFixed(2);

Or if you need an integer, parseInt:

parseInt(result, 10);
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Not entirely sure what you want, but this might help:

result = Math.round(((scale * weighting) / 2) * 100) / 100;

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In JavaScript everything number is a floating point number. No explicit type conversion needed.

ref : ( search for "The Number Data Type" )

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Thanks for the additional info. – tonyf Oct 4 '11 at 14:25

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