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I want to write a script which can run as a Windows service. It would restart a process active in the process table when the user is using the process and it exceeds for example 500mb of RAM. How can I do this? Can someone suggest any example?

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There's always the dirty way. Using tasklist in Windows:

use List::Util qw<first>;

my ( $mem )      
    = map   { ( my $a = $_ ) =~ s/,//g; $a } 
      grep  {; length } 
      map   { m/([\d,]+)[ ]K$/ } 
      first { m/^perl\.exe\s+$$\b/ } 

if ( $mem > MAX_MEM ) {

But as I understand it, you could also do it like this, with Win32::Process::Info:

use Win32::Process::Info;
my  $pi = Win32::Process::Info->new ();
my $set = first { exists $_->{WorkingSetSize} } $pi->GetProcInfo( $$ );
my $mem = $set && $set->{WorkingSetSize};
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