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I've dug up and down the ActiveRecord and FormHelper documentation and API, and I can't find how Rails goes from an AR class like class Namespace::MyResource < ActiveRecord::Base to the parameter name namespace_my_resource.

While I'm sure it's not hard to write my own method to do so class ActiveRecord::Base; def to_pname; self.class.name.underscore.gsub(/\//, '_'); end; end, this seems un DRY.

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include ActiveSupport::Inflector
tableize "Namespace::MyResource"

=> "namespace/my_resources"

That get's you close. Add a simple gsub to change the slashes to underscores:


=> "namespace_my_resources"

Not sure if this is exactly how ActiveRecord does it, but solves it in a pretty general way.

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You'll want the singular version for params[:namespace_my_resource]


=> "namespace_my_resource"
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