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I want a better way to update images on a webpage instead of forcing the webpage to refresh every 60 seconds.

I wrote a little status page that monitors some of our web sites. It uses and displays a list of servers I have inputted into a database.

Each server that is up gets a Green png image displayed next to it.

When a server goes down I update the status in a local mysql database to false.

The next time the page refreshes it gets a red png displayed next to it.

Right now that red png file does not display until I refresh the page.

Is there a way in (python) that I can make just that image dynamic without having to refresh the whole page? Or do I have to use something else to make it work?

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Well, the generic answer is that you use AJAX and put a script on each server that will return "up" or something every time your page checks.

Here's a tutorial on how to do AJAX with specifically:

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Side note: "When a server goes down I update the status in a local mysql database to false." - this doesn't seem necessary, unless you want to keep a record of uptime, and an ajaxified webpage really isn't the best method for tracking uptime - that would be better done with software meant to keep uptime stats. – Peter Hanley Oct 4 '11 at 14:49

I have no knowledge related to

But in my point of view what you gonna need is to break your code in two parts (a monitor service and a monitor display) and use javascript to asynchronously update the data.

Your monitor service will provide a url that receives the monitored site ID and returns up or down. As you are using, it will probably be 100% python.

Your monitor display will use javascript to ever X seconds checks that url and show the correct icon. It can be python based, or not. But it will need javascript.

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