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Does Eclipse have any persistent settings (that can get corrupted).

All of sudden my eclipse is doing strange things -- java programs won't run (though I can run them fine from the command line).

If there is such a things -- how do I purge it?

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Yes, such things can indeed happen (I just had a screwed up workspace because I ran out of disk space).

In the workspace, look for the '.metadata' folder. Tread carefully, but e.g. usually all the plugin-local configs in '.plugins' can safely be removed. You'll just loose some settings.

Hope it helps!

PS: By the way, for your concrete problem, what's the actual error you are getting?

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Hi ShiDoiSi, Thanks for the solution -- I set the language version to 1.6 and I think I don't have the compiler for it -- when I bring up the properties dialog it is broken. BTW deleted .metadata -- still no can do -- on OSX leopard -- using Version: 3.7.1 of eclipse -- once again thanks for the help. Cheer! – user975917 Oct 4 '11 at 16:10
That's unusual; the dialog shouldn't really break ;) Can you upload a screen shot? Is there anything in the Error Log (Window -> Show View)? – ShiDoiSi Oct 4 '11 at 16:45

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