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I have several functions that I am trying to implement in R(studio). I will show the simplest one. I am trying to append names on to a vector for later use as a col.name.

# Initialize
headerA <- vector(mode="character",length=20)

# Function - add on new name
h <- function(df, compareA, compareB) {
   new_header <- paste(compareA,"Vs",compareB,sep="_")
# Comparison 1:
compareA <-"AA"
compareB <-"BB"
headers <- (headerA, compareA, compareB)

But I am getting this error and it is very puzzling. I have googled it but the search is too vague/broad.
When run I get:

headers <- (headerA, compareA, compareB)
Error: unexpected ',' in "headers <- (headerA,"

The second error for the other function is similar...

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It looks like you're missing a call to your function h and just have an open ( instead:

headers <- h(headerA, compareA, compareB)

Results in:

        df new_header
1   source   AA_Vs_BB
2  matches   AA_Vs_BB
3            AA_Vs_BB
4            AA_Vs_BB
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How do you say, 'stupid, stupid...' ;D –  oaxacamatt Oct 4 '11 at 15:07
@oax - happens to the best of us :). Good luck. –  Chase Oct 4 '11 at 15:45

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