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i want to make a uninstaller on windows ce.

The Problem is I want to delete the uninstaller itself after executed everything else.

Is this possible somehow? Or is there someway to make a unistaller in another way?

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Come on, somebody give me cred on my answer! I actually use it in our installer for windows CE. –  Damon8or Oct 5 '11 at 14:27
Sry but it didn't work on my project... –  mabstrei Oct 19 '11 at 11:04

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You can just have the app move itself to the recycle bin. It's a pain because you have to P/Invoke to do this with an unintuative structure. This swatch should help with that.

        private bool Recycle(string path)
            ShowProgress(string.Format("Moving {0} to Recycle bin.", path));
            sfo.hwnd = IntPtr.Zero;
            sfo.wFunc = FO_DELETE;
            sfo.fFlags = FOF_ALLOWUNDO | FOF_NOCONFIRMATION;
            sfo.pFrom = path +'\0' + '\0';
            sfo.pTo = null;
            sfo.fAnyOperationsAborted = false;
            sfo.hNameMappings = IntPtr.Zero;
            sfo.lpszProgressTitle = string.Empty;
            int ret = SHFileOperation(ref sfo);

            return (ret == 0);
        catch (Exception ex)
            ShowProgress(string.Format("Failed to move {0} to Recycle bin.", path));
        return false;

    // SHFileOperation wFunc and wFunc values
    public const uint FO_MOVE = 0x0001;
    public const uint FO_COPY = 0x0002;
    public const uint FO_DELETE = 0x0003;
    public const uint FO_RENAME = 0x0004;

    public const ushort FOF_MULTIDESTFILES = 0x0001;
    public const ushort FOF_CONFIRMMOUSE = 0x0002;
    public const ushort FOF_SILENT = 0x0004; // don't create progress/report
    public const ushort FOF_RENAMEONCOLLISION = 0x0008;
    public const ushort FOF_NOCONFIRMATION = 0x0010; // Don't prompt the user.
    public const ushort FOF_WANTMAPPINGHANDLE = 0x0020;// Fill in SHFILEOPSTRUCT.hNameMappings
                                                    // Must be freed using SHFreeNameMappings
    public const ushort FOF_ALLOWUNDO = 0x0040;
    public const ushort FOF_FILESONLY = 0x0080;  // on *.*, do only files
    public const ushort FOF_SIMPLEPROGRESS = 0x0100;  // means don't show names of files
    public const ushort FOF_NOCONFIRMMKDIR = 0x0200;  // don't confirm making any needed dirs
    public const ushort FOF_NOERRORUI = 0x0400;  // don't put up error UI
    public const ushort FOF_NOCOPYSECURITYATTRIBS = 0x0800;  // dont copy NT file Security Attributes
    public const ushort FOF_NORECURSION = 0x1000;  // don't recurse ushorto directories.

    //[StructLayout(LayoutKind.Sequential, CharSet=CharSet.Unicode)]
    //If you use the above you may encounter an invalid memory access exception (when using ANSI
    //or see nothing (when using unicode) when you use FOF_SIMPLEPROGRESS flag.
    [StructLayout(LayoutKind.Sequential, CharSet = CharSet.Unicode)]
    public struct SHFILEOPSTRUCT
        public IntPtr hwnd;
        public uint wFunc;
        public string pFrom;
        public string pTo;
        public ushort fFlags;
        public bool fAnyOperationsAborted;
        public IntPtr hNameMappings;
        public string lpszProgressTitle;

    public static extern int SHFileOperation([In] ref SHFILEOPSTRUCT lpFileOp);
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del uninstaller.exe
if exist uninstaller.exe goto a
del killer.cmd

Start it before exitting your uninstaller, so uninstaller.exe will be removed as soon as it's possible, and then killer.cmd is also removed.

// Though, not sure if there are .cmds in CE.

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