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I'm developing a simple Android game for learning purposes. I've got sprites and if I touch the screen on sprite, it disapears.I came across such problem: How to program the scores for touching sprites (for example I touch the sprite, it disapears and I 've got 5 points for it) and display the scores on the screen. Help will be appreciated. Thanks for your attention.

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That's a bit vague. What are you using to draw graphics? A normal 2D-canvas, OpenGL or even a game engine which wraps things nicely (e.g. AndEngine)? Also, what exactly have you tried and what didn't work? If possible, illustrate with small codesamples - just the parts which you consider relevant for solving your problems. – user658042 Oct 4 '11 at 15:48

I would suggest, everytime the action of a sprite being touched and removed from the screen, you add +5 to a global int called score. Then once the level is over either save the int as a text file or a db to use it later for a high score?

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First you wish to display the score. correct? to do so you need to set up a paint so you can draw out the text for the score display

protected final Paint myScoreText = new Paint();

myScoreText.setARGB(150, 0, 0, 0);

to display the score onto screen you use the following

canvas.drawText(string, float, float, paint)

string is the text you want to display, the float are the x and y axis of where you wish to display it and the paint is what we set up earlier in which gives it color, text size and etc. you can learn more about it here:

normally if your making a score value it'd be an INT so we'll need to convert that to a string, a simple function like this can get the job done

int score = 0;
public String Score()
    String currentpoints = null;
    currentpoints = "" + score;
    return currentpoints;

so to display the score would be

canvas.drawText(Score(), 0, 0, myScoreText)

and if you have a working onTouchEvent function that removes the sprites then just like what Sad above said. add points to a global int and add it to score to display it. something like this for example

int points = 5;
score = score + points
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