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Is there some APIs to establish video calling between iPhones using my own app? I know such projects as iDoubs, but I am searching for another examples. Or just examples of catching the stream from the camera in a realtime

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There is no supported API in the SDK for video calling. You will either need to use a third-party library or write your own (there are some standard protocols for this sort of thing you could use as a reference).

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TokBox is one (tokbox.com/live-video-ios-sdk), iDoubs is an open-source option (code.google.com/p/idoubs) –  lxt Jul 11 '12 at 21:51
Tokbox is for web to ios or android devices.. not for iphone to iphone or iphone to android or android to android devices.. rite? –  RockandRoll Mar 3 at 10:17

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