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I am mocking SearchableService in a Spock specification:

// In SearchControllerSpec:
def sControl    = mockFor(SearchableService)
sControl.demand.suggestQuery { Map m -> 'suggested query string' }
controller.searchableService    = sControl.createMock()

The code snippet under test looks as follows:

// In SearchController:
qSuggestion = searchableService.suggestQuery( query , allowSame:false)

assert qSuggestion == 'suggested query string'

highlightedSuggestion = StringQueryUtils.highlightTermDiffs(query, qSuggestion)

The assertion fails - apparently due to the fact, that qSuggestion holds a closure as opposed to the defined string.

The final statement fails as highlightTermDiffs expects (String, String), but is getting (String, Closure).

What's wrong here? How can I correct the error?

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You are calling suggestQuery(String, Map) but you are mocking suggestQuery(Map). Try

sControl.demand.suggestQuery { String query, Map m -> 'suggested query string' }
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Unsure why I missed commenting/accepting your answer. Currently jira.grails.org/browse/GPSPOCK-10 applies, so I'll check back when I'm able to test your suggestion. –  user569825 Jan 6 '12 at 10:44

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