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I want to make a chrome extension which performs a certain action when the user enters the a "back" navigation action.

ie: they click the back button in the browser, or they swipe backwards with 3 fingers on a macbook pro, or if they enter the shortcut alt + left arrow.

How can I detect these actions? Should I create some type of listener or handler which accounts for each one individually?

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You can use the webNavigation API.

Start monitoring the details for each transition type that you mentioned. And then try to do something with this information.


Note this API is marked as experimental, but in dev release channel it's already in chrome API's page. That is, in a month or two, any extensions using this API will be accepted at the Chrome Web Store.

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While this would work when there's an actual page in the tab history stack, it wouldn't fire the event when there's nothing to go "back" to. – Enrico Aug 10 '12 at 14:30

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