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I have a SSRS matrix table, which generates column dynamically. but i want to add some static coloumn in that report(added manually). but the static columns will have the same value as one of the dynamic column. All i want to do is, find the specific dynamic column (a column name with DynamicColoumn1) and show it in this static column

=IIF(Fields!DynamicColumnData.Value = "DynamicColoumn1",Fields!DynamicColumnDataValue.Value, "")

this works only for the first data in the DynamicColumnData, not working for other values in the DynamicColumnData. Anyone faced similar problem?

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Try changing your formula to use the First dataset field only:

=IIF(First(Fields!DynamicColumnData.Value, "DataSet1") = "DynamicColoumn1",First(Fields!DynamicColumnDataValue.Value, "DataSet1"),  "")
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I did this way

=Sum(IIF(Fields!DynamicColumnData.Value = "DynamicColoumn1",
Fields!DynamicColumnDataValue.Value, 0))

Not sure this is the efficient way of doing, but worked for me.

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Thanks madhan. Same problem was for me also. – Pratik Oct 18 '12 at 8:24

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