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EDIT - 'carrierwave' doesn't work with Sinatra 1.3. Sinatra 1.2.7 rocks this code!

I'm learning Ruby, and just finished this awesome Sinatra tutorial:

The complete, working code is here (no Bundler, so requires a couple gems to be installed)

I feel good, I want to learn more! The next challenge I've set for myself is to add file uploading capability to that tutorial, and I'm stumped. I want to use Carrierwave, and am attempting to integrate it into the completed tutorial.

First, I'm requiring 'carrierwave' and 'carrierwave-datamapper':

require 'carrierwave'
require 'carrierwave/datamapper'

Then I'm creating a new class:

class MyUploader < CarrierWave::Uploader::Base    #via a Carrierwave tutorial
  storage :file

Adding to the Notes class:

class Note
include DataMapper::Resource
property :id, Serial
property :content, Text, :required => true
property :complete, Boolean, :required => true, :default => 0
property :created_at, DateTime
property :updated_at, DateTime
property :image, String, :auto_validation => false  # trying to add image uploading
mount_uploader :image, MyUploader                   # trying to add image uploading

Adding to post:

post '/' do
  n =
  n.content = params[:content]
  n.image = params[:image]      # trying to add image uploading
  n.created_at =
  n.updated_at =
  n.upload = 
    redirect '/', :notice => 'Note created successfully.'
    redirect '/', :error => 'Failed to save note.'

Lastly, I'm adding uploading to the form:

<section id="add">
<form action="/" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data">
    <textarea name="content" placeholder="Your note&hellip;"></textarea>
    <p><input type="file" name="image" /></p>
    <input type="submit" value="Take Note!">

I'm getting this error:

/gems/carrierwave-0.5.7/lib/carrierwave.rb:107:in `<top (required)>': private method `public' called for Sinatra::Application:Class (NoMethodError)

But of course if I don't require 'carrierwave', I get an error when MyUploader tries to inherit from it...

Thanks in advance for any tips. I feel so close here, and yet so far!

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This error looks like it's caused by a recent change to sinatra. This is in the changelog for version 1.3:

Renamed :public to :public_folder to avoid overriding Ruby's built-in public method/keyword. set(:public, ...) is still possible but shows a warning. (Konstantin Haase)

Either check if there's a more recent version of carrierwave or use a previous version of sinatra.

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