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I am trying to serve mp4s from a drupal-based site, but Safari iPad seems unable to play any mp4 located within the scope of the Drupal site (i.e. shows the play button crossed out) when I try to hit the file directly in the browser. I have done extensive header comparison serving the same file from a non-Drupal site (i.e. from a location that Safari iPad can play) and have not found this to be a header issue. I'm wondering if the PHP file piping and mod_rewrite'ing that are going on via Drupal are causing the problem, but if the headers match up and its the same file, what else could it be? I hope this is clear and thanks ahead of time.

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I have run into the same problem while serving video using Drupal's private file system (drupal.org/node/1289818). Is it possible for you to post your file_download hook solution here or perhaps expand on it a bit more? – user1119301 Dec 28 '11 at 12:42

As it turns out, the problem was that the iPad was trying to use partial content requests, which I was not supporting:

Resumable downloads when using PHP to send the file?

I was able to use the above to write a file_download hook that facilitated the request.

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