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I am using Mono for Android and ExEn (thx for Andrew Russell). I am not sure this question is specific to Mono for Android or more specific to ExEn. Anyway, I found only Java samples as a result of my searches.

I would like to implement a standard game menu navigation using the hardware back button. Currently back button exits the application regardless the state of the gameplay or menu.

Thx for answers. -Horo

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It is an Android specific question and you must override OnKeyDown method on your activity. Coding in Mono for Android:

public override bool OnKeyDown(Keycode keyCode, KeyEvent e)
  if (keyCode == Keycode.Back)
    // your staff here:
    Toast.MakeText(this, "back!", ToastLength.Short).Show();

    return true;

  return base.OnKeyDown(keyCode, e);

Remember to return "true" after your code to indicate you have handled the event.

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Cool, thx for help. It is not an integrated solutions as event driven, while ExEn uses XNA game loop poll logic for input, but with a minimal hack it can be used. Thx again. – Horo Oct 7 '11 at 16:45

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