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I need to group and sort by date_published some documents stored on mongodb using pymongo.
the group part went just fine :) but when I'm addding .sort() to the query it keeps failing no matter what I tried :(
here is my query:,cond,{},reduce_code)  

I want to sort by a field called "published" (timestamp) tried to do,cond,{},reduce_code).sort({"published": -1})  

and many more variations without any success

ideas anyone?

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You can't currently do sort with group in MongoDB. You can use MapReduce instead which does support a sort option. There is also an enhancement request to support group with sort here.

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Although MongoDB doesn't do what you want, you can always use Python to do the sorting:

result =,cond,{},reduce_code)
result = sorted(result, key=itemgetter("published"), reverse=True)
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